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About Us

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Salita Storey, MSW, MBA

President and Owner  | Virtual Helpmates

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You put your time, energy and heart into building your business. That much dedication deserves the opportunity to thrive. Virtual Helpmates is here to help you do just that!

A note from Salita:


With a wealth of knowledge, vast experience, and a sincere passion for each brand I work alongside, I can help your business grow for years to come. 

My journey to create this one-of-a-kind business began during the start of the Covid pandemic. Like many female entrepreneurs with children, I knew I wanted a way to create an income while staying home with my three boys. As an Army Veteran with a heart for service, I also realized whatever I chose to do would need to be focused on helping others. I have a sincere desire to see others succeed, and what better way to do that than by elevating the businesses that mean so much to my clients?

With Master’s degrees in both Social Work and Business Administration, I have a wide range of skills to improve your business operations. From customer care to quality control, and every detail that can go overlooked while trying to build a brand, I am here to support your efforts with game-changing results. I can help you reduce your workload and create a structure that allows you to lead in other areas of your organization. My time in the Army taught me about being committed to a task and giving my very best with each endeavor I take on, and it’s something I pride my work on today.


Seeing your company flourish is my greatest reward. I have a personal care, along with professional skills to elevate your business. The technical competence, self-confidence, authority, and enthusiasm I possess only help further my mission to make your business a booming success. If you’re ready to partner with a virtual assistant who can deliver real results, book a complimentary consultation today to see how I can best serve you!

~ Salita

Do you need a Virtual Assistant?

We offer real help from real professionals who care about you and your business.

Do you...

  • desire help, but you’re just not ready to hire full time?

  • long to focus more on what you love, and free yourself from the nagging details?

  • need someone who is trustworthy, reliable, resourceful, and resilient?

  • require a high level of professionalism and high-quality work?

  • wish you had someone who could ask good questions and chase down solutions for you?

  • expect to work directly with a real person who lives in the U.S. and who knows and cares about you and your business?​​​​​

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide virtual administrative assistance to blooming entrepreneurs, growing small businesses, and nonprofit organizations to help increase their capacity for structured growth.

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"I would write some long status sayin' how amazing this woman is BUT if you know her then you already know. If you DON'T know her and the thought of having an assistant has ever skimmed your mind, then you need to hit her up! Her skills, talent, and service is unmatched.

Camille L.

Owner, Earth's Garden

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Questions? Ready to get started?

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